As an editor, I have experience in academic book and journal publishing; academic writing, publication, and job market/tenure portfolio coaching; and non-academic writing and editing. I have a PhD in sociology from the New School for Social Research, with specializations in politics and culture and training in historical-comparative and ethnographic methods, as well as theory, all of which enable me to provide expert editorial feedback in a wide range of social sciences and humanities. I work with authors at different stages of manuscript development and have edited book- and article-length texts for content, structure, accuracy, flow, style, and grammar. In addition to Social Research: An International Quarterly (where I am the managing editor) and Laboratorium: Russian Review of Social Research (where I am a coeditor and copyeditor/proofreader), the authors I work with have published articles in journals like Social Forces, Europe-Asia Studies, Demography, and the Journal of Curriculum Studies, and books with Palgrave Macmillan and Routledge. I have also worked on several manuscripts for the University of Wisconsin Press as a freelance copyeditor. In addition to substantive and stylistic editing, I format references (including transliterations of sources in various Cyrillic languages and Hebrew) and proofread typeset manuscripts.

To learn more about my editorial experience and services I offer, you can click here. If you are interested in hiring me as an editor for your manuscripts (whatever stage they are at), don’t hesitate to contact me about rates, turnaround times, or with any other questions.

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